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You will find detailed information in our enclosed agreement for events.

Is there a separate room for parties?

No, but we are happy to reserve an area in the pub for your party.

Can I bring my own food and drink? 

No. We can prepare any menu or buffet to order.

Can I play my own playlist from my laptop or phone? Or bring my own DJ with me?

This is not possible.

Can I bring a birthday cake?

Yes, birthday cake is allowed, maximum 1 piece per guest. Plates and forks will be provided by us.

Do you have a catering service?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of indoor and outdoor catering for all requirements. Please enquire with our catering team.

Is there a deposit to pay?

Yes. After receipt of the deposit of € 100,00, the event is fixed. 

How many people can I book for?

Up to 45 people. If you are planning a larger party, please speak to the staff.

When do I have to cancel to get the deposit back?

14 days before the party.

Can I decorate?

Yes, on the day of the party, by arrangement with the events team. Confetti is absolutely not allowed.

Can I order à la carte?

No, all desired dishes must be ordered in advance.

Are parties with guests mainly under 21 years old (Matura party) allowed?

We do not allow such parties.

Can I rent a karaoke machine?

Yes, costs: € 100,00.

Can I pick up my decorations and gifts the next day?

Yes. We do not accept any liability for items left behind. Detailed information can also be found in our enclosed event agreement.

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